Bedding Questions

I never received an email, when will my order ship?
Generally, orders ship within 2-3 days. If you never received an email, check your spam/junk folder. We send 3 emails throughout the process: a confirmation when we receive your order, order processed (but not shipped), and order shipped (with tracking). If you still do not see any of these emails, please contact us.

Why am I being charged sales tax?
Our company has a business presence in many states and is therefore required to collect sales tax on all applicable purchases. Sales tax is calculated based on shipping address and will not be charged for orders shipping to states in which no sales tax is due.

Do you ship to Canada?
We’re sorry. We wish we could ship items to every corner of the globe, but at the current time we only ship to the contiguous United States. However, you can ship to Canada with this retail partner:

I have really bad allergies, is planetWISE® a good choice?
All planetWISE® bedding items are hypoallergenic (meaning free of most allergens). We suggest frequent washing of your bedding in hot water and high heat to help eliminate allergen sources.

How should I store my bedding?
If you bought a planetWISE® comforter and need less warmth during the summer we suggest storing in its original packaging.

How do I wash my bedding?
We offer a series of videos and articles on

What do those acronyms mean?
PCR – Post Consumer Recycled
TC – Thread Count
Alt – Alternative, as in Down Alternative