Be cozy. Sleep well.
Be PlanetWISE®.

Getting a great night’s sleep is essential to your overall health. Quality bedding that can let you relax can help you get that great night’s sleep that you need in order to start your day at your very best. That is the foundation upon which we started this great venture. Along the way, after countless hours of research into sleep, materials, and our environment, we realized that our products should be more than that. That’s where planetWISE® was born.

In all our research we encountered a lot of information about our landfills, our oceans, and our overall environment being polluted with polyester materials: much of which comes from single-use plastics. Since we use plastics (polyester), we thought: why not contribute to the greater good?

Did you know that over 60 MILLION plastic bottles are thrown away each day in just the United States? That’s 22 BILLION per year. And that’s only our country. PlanetWISE® bedding helps by taking some of those bottles and recycling them into fully sterilized yarns and fiberfill materials. We create super soft and relaxing bedding products out of those materials. All backed by the power of Repreve® – the world’s leading recycled fiber that helps you make a difference.

Help us on our mission to convert just 1% of U.S. beds to be planetWISE®. That mission will prevent nearly 1 BILLION plastic bottles from going into a landfill and helping to save our environment. To carry our mission even further, we contribute 1% of our sales to the 1% for the Planet organization.

planetWISE team