Inspirational Women Fighting To Save The World

This year the slogan for International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. In an effort to continue to pave the way for a more gender balanced world women continue to make strides and shatter glass ceilings all around the planet. In honor of this day we’ve compiled a list of women working to solve environmental issues like climate change and making it easier for the rest of us to live an eco-conscious life; because environmental issues are women’s issues.

Yasmine Yehia Moustafa

This Egyptian teen invented a clean water and biodiesel system out of rice straw. Her invention won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and NASA named an asteroid after her. Her invention was part of her capstone project at Maadi STEM School for Girls, proving that empowering young girls can lead to benefits for the entire world.





Radhika Lalit

Radhika is an innovator and leader in environmental issues, she is the founder of A Youth for a Cause in India. The organization focused on educating the youth on environmental and social issues and the impacts of climate change. In addition, she participated in the EDF Climate Corps fellowship where she helped Blue Shield of California find energy related opportunities. Within 3 years the company had unveiled their new solar installation, saving about 3.5 million kWh of electricity annually.




Donna Morton

Donna Morton is the co-founder and CEO of Change Finance. Throughout her career she has focused on using the business world to solve issues like climate change and promote social justice. In addition, her company recent launched the first fossil-free, diversified, impact-focused exchange-traded fund on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Conscious Company Media. She is a part of a group of businessmen and women finding ways to prove that Wall Street can be green.


Natalie Isaacs

Is the creator of 1 Million Women in Australia and the movement has grown since its inception to more than 800,000 women and girls, according to its website. The organization focuses on influencing households to make small changes to eliminate overconsumption.




Mari Copeny

Mari Copeny, better known a Little Miss Flint, spent years advocating for the water crisis in her hometown of Flint, Michigan. At just 8 years old she made headlines when she wrote a letter to President Barack Obama explaining the life-threatening water crisis her town was facing. By age 11, she named a Women’s March Ambassador for her work. Since then she’s created the Dear Flint Kid’s Project raising more than $10,000 for her community.

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